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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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SOX&LOX exhibit in ‘Reed gift fairs’.
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SOX & LOX Online Shopping
  Men's Long Casual Socks (TN4-004M-C1)  
  Ladies' Sneaker Fashion Socks (TN1-004L-C1)  
  Kids' Long Casual Socks with Stripes (KTN4-003BL-C3)  
  Men's Diabetic Friendly Socks (BU4-002M-C1)  
  Men's Anklet Sports Socks(Cushioned) (CU2-007M-C1)  
  Ladies' Sneaker Sports Socks(Cushioned) (CU1-002L-C1)  
  School Socks (Fits 13-3) (SC4-001CL-C1)  
  Ladies' Midi Fashion Socks with Bamboo (TN3-008L-C2)